The Douglass Cater Society for Junior Fellows

Cater Society

The Douglass Cater Society for Junior Fellows held its annual Symposium in the Spring of 2012.

The Douglass Cater Society of Junior Fellows gives students the opportunity to receive competitive grants in order to support self-directed undergraduate research and scholarship anywhere in the world. This academic enrichment program strives to bring together the best and the brightest in what former Washington College President and founder Douglass Cater called “a companionship of learning.”

Membership in the Cater Society is offered to students with a GPA of 3.6 or higher and who achieve distinction among the college’s top scholars. Junior Fellows complete independent projects funded by the society and give short presentations about their experiences.

Over the course of this year, students have completed a variety of independent projects including an internship with the Center for International Policy in Washington, DC, Volunteer Projects in South Africa and Cambodia, the hand-printing and publishing of a volume of self-authored short stories, a research project on Human Trafficking in Peru, and a research internship on Biodiesel in Hawaii.

Natalie Butz '12

Natalie Butz ’12 explains her project, a self-authored collection of hand-printed and hand-bound short stories, to a passersby at the Symposium.

Libby Cater and Doug Carter '12

Libby Cater bestows honor cords upon Doug Carter ’12.


The Galapagos: Islands in Danger

“The Cater society granted me money to participate in Washington College’s Environmental Studies summer course in Ecuador. The course gave me the chance to visit the Andes where I was able to stay in a Quichua village, a lodge within a polylepis forest in the Andes, go to the Tiputini Biodiversity Station in the rainforest, and, of course, to the Galapagos.

My project focused on the plight of the fauna living on the Galapagos Islands and how the native animals have suffered due to the large influx of human residents, tourists, and invasive species to the archipelago. I was able to gather information from the library at the Charles Darwin Research station, from the guides from the tour boat I was on, and from guest speakers who lectured to our small class. Günther Reck, a previous director of the Charles Darwin Research Station, served as one of our professors and provided me with a wealth of knowledge.”

– Katelyn Laury ’12

Emily Hall '14, Kim Pittman '12, Amy Shaw '12, and Brittni Landgraf '14

Emily Hall ’14, Kim Pittman ’12, Amy Shaw ’12, and Brittni Landgraf ’14.


Junior Fellows


Class of 2012:

Bethany Ackerman, Courtney Burton, Natalie Butz, Douglas Carter, Emily Clewer, Lindsay Dodd, Michael Drake, Matt Eglseder, Ann Eickelberg, Beverly Frimpong, Kristina Gavin, Sarah Hartge, James Hetzel, Antoine Jordan, Laura Kennedy, Katelyn Laury, Meghan Lepley, Virginia Long, Katie Manion, Stacey Massuda, Kendall Mulligan, Kelsey Newborn, Catherine Petrick, Morgan Phillips, Kimberly Pittman, Amanda Pruzinsky, Leah Sbriscia, Jesse Schaefer, James Schelberg, Amy Shaw, Kristine Sloan, Veronica Spolarich, Caroline Stanley, Jordan Tryhubenko, Erica Walburg, Charles Weisenberger, Ayami Yoshino.


Class of 2013:

Ryan Bankert, Carolyn Bevans, Sarah Douglass, Gary Fenstamaker, Sophia Gassman, Allison Kvien, Molly Leach, Tim Marcin, Sarah Masker, Ashley McAvoy, Parker McIntosh, Nicole Musho, Eshan Patel, Mariah Perkins, Devin Reilly, Marissa Restaino, Aaron Selestok, Dylan Stewart, Kathy Thornton, Nick Tremper, Amanda Venable, Megan Willis.


Class of 2014:

Stacie Bosley, Andrea Clarke, Jimmy Comotto, Katie Despeaux, John Eisengrein, Samantha Gross, Emily Hall, Rebecca Hull, Brittni Landgraf, Megan McCurdy, Carly Ogren, Jeffery Sullivan, Rebecca Sussman, Kimberly Uslin, Katherine Wares, Brittany Weaver.


Class of 2015:

Maria Rose Hynson

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