The Catholic Campus Ministry

members at a local church

Members of the Catholic Campus Ministry at a local church.

The Catholic Campus Ministry is a Catholic organization offering social and religious activities for the Washington College community. CCM meets weekly for mass, monthly for Mass on Campus, and for dinners in the Dining Hall followed by a fellowship and faith-sharing meeting led by Dr. Paul Campbell, pastor of Sacred Heart Church. CCM also plans trips, retreats, and service events and works with other Christian groups on campus.

This year, the Catholic Campus Ministry organized monthly Masses on Campus, gathered together for Christmas Caroling, coordinated a Christmas Service Project, came together with other organizations to sponsor the Super Bowl Party, and held a Spring Retreat.

Catholic Campus Ministry members gathered together.

Members dine together in Toll

Members come together to have dinner one night in Toll.


Christine Anderson ’15, Molly Anderson ’12, Julie Armstrong ’15, Hilary Badger ’14, Tara Barber ’14, Dakota Barrow ’14, Joanna Boczon ’12, Brian Bucher ’12, Michael Bullock ’14, Paige Butler ’14, Aric Charowsky ‘13, Sarah Cisek ’14, Andrea Clarke ’14, Maegan Clearwood ’13, Sean Connole ’13, Megan Conway ’15, Paige Cook ’12, Matt Coon ’13, Bethany Daller ’14, Alicia DeBonis ’14, Dana Devore ’14, Lucas DiFabbio ’14, Dominic DiMarino ’13, Laura Dodson ’12, Valerie Dunn ’15, Dale Frymark ’13, Nick Gaeto ’12, Diane Hagmann ’12, Gwendolyn Hintz ’14, Rachel Hughes ’13, William Hurst ’13, Caroline Keslar ’14, Allison Kirkpatrick ’14, Katherine Kreft ’13, Kathleen Maleski ’14, Brittany Marshall ’12, Ashley McAvoy ’13, John McCarthy ’14, Maggie McClary ’14, Gen Murphy ’13, Mike Nolan ’13, Jackie O’Connell ’14, Ryan Ohlin ’14, Meghan O’Leary ’12, Nick O’Meally ’15, Catherine Pavis ’13, Amanda Regan ’13, Allison Percich ’15, Angela Pesi ’13, Sarah Rowley ’12, Anna Schutschkow ’14, Daniel Seidleck ’14, Aaron Selestok ’13, Jennifer Senkevich ’12, Katie Tabeling ’14, Alyssa Velazquez ’12, Alyssa Wagner ’12, Rebecca Wozniak ’15.